Kids in Action

 "A true test of the school's authentic identity and culture is the extent to which the Church is present in the school and the school is present in the Church" (Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane, 2012)

At St Finbarr's, a Catholic Christian understanding of justice has emerged from biblical tradition. This rich biblical understanding portrays a just society as one marked by the fullness of love, compassion and peace. Catholic social teaching makes a distinction between three dimensions of basic justice: commutative justice, distributive justice and social justice.

Our Kids in Action (KIA) program has been developed to strengthen connections between St Finbarr's Catholic Primary school, the Jubilee Parish and the wider community. The initiative gives the students at St Finbarr's various opportunities to engage in the life of the Parish and consequently in the Religious Life of the School. This connection allows the parish to be present and active with the faith education and formation of the students. It also allows for the students to be present and active in the liturgical and social dimensions of the parish. Throughout the year, the students have opportunities to participate in social action that are practical, hands on and educational. This includes: Project Compassion during Lent, support of the St Vincent de Paul Winter and Christmas Appeal, Blind Eye ministries homeless immersion experience and community support where needed.

Kids in Action Program at St Finbarr's School.pdfKids in Action Program at St Finbarr's School.pdf