A week at St Finbarr's

28795507_558787277822825_7650010690379317248_n.jpgThis week has been such a busy week. Read​ about what happened below. 

SWIMMING CARNIVAL -  It was a very wet start to carnival day and thankfully the weather did not worsen and managed to hold off until the very end of the carnival. The weather could not dampen the spirits of our swimmers as they participated with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The continuous cheering from all three house led by our fabulous Year 6 leaders helped to create a great sporting atmosphere and spurred on all our swimmers. 

PREP LOVE - This week the Prep children joined the rest of the school for morning assembly. They are enjoying hearing morning messages, learning the morning prayer and finding out all about the school rules and the 'Gotcha Box'.

In class, we are learning the letter 'Ii' and will be creating ice-cream pictures to reinforce this sound. The Preps are discovering the difference between a 'letter' and a 'word' and hunting for these in our shared guided reading. The students have additionally been listening out for initial sounds when writing in class.

In Maths, we are exploring the numbers to ten. Last week, we had a lot of fun playing a class dominoes game and counting the dots together. The students have been using whiteboards and playdough to practise forming these numbers. We are now reciting number rhymes to remind ourselves how to write them! Some of our favourites include;

2- Around and back on the railroad track- two, two!

5- Fat old five goes down and around, put a hat on him when he goes to town.

8- Make and 's' but do not wait, a straight line up makes number 8.

PREP FAITH -The Preps are settling in so well to their new routine of joining the rest of the school at Morning Assembly.  It is a great opportunity to have some special time with their buddies and enjoy sharing a book together.  In English, the focus letter and sound this week is 'i'. It is fascinating listening and watching them looking for words that contain 'i' around the room. We have also introduced the first few sight words, which they have loved.  In maths this week we have continued with number counting and recognition and have also been looking at organising and interpreting simple data displays. In history, the children have been comparing their own family to that of other children in the class. They have been looking at similarities and differences between families. In science, we placed an unknown object in a feely bag. The children then had to rely only on their sense of touch to describe what was in the bag. The Preps had fun guessing what it could be!

YEAR 1 CHARITY - In Year One Charity, we have been doing hard work and learning as well as enjoying the gifts each child brings to the class. All students have been working on writing sentences with capital letters and full stops. We have spent time reading and writing to learn new blends and have also reviewed our sight words. In Science, we have been learning about different habitats and in particular about snails. Did you know that the biggest land snail is over 30 centimetres long? We have investigated the similarities and differences in Gospel stories about Jesus. This week, we have started our new Reading unit, and have learnt about how to 'Activate Our Prior Knowledge' to think about what we already know about a subject. We can then add to our knowledge by reading more. Students have shown bravery in using different strategies to read in front of the class. We always focus on the students having the strength to be sensible and to understand what it means to be responsible and independent.

YEAR 2 FAITH - Can you believe we are already in Week 7, where is the term going?

In Maths this week, we are learning to tell the time to the quarter hour. Telling the time is a lifelong skill and we are all trying really hard. We are also learning to use a calendar to identify the date and the months included in seasons.

In English, we are continuing our unit on story writing. We drafted a plan and are now putting the story together, paying particular attention to the story structure.

We started our guided reading groups last week and are very excited to welcome some of our parents into the classroom. During our guided reading, we are concentrating on reading texts that contain; varied sentence structure, some unfamiliar vocabulary and sight words. We will then identify the main ideas and the supporting details in stories.

In Science, we are so excited to watch our plants grow. They have grown and changed so much this past three weeks and we can't wait to see how big they get before the end of the term. We have looked at the life cycle of a plant and also a butterfly. It is very interested to see how they grow and change.

YEAR 3 CHARITY – The students of Year Three have been learning all about the Sacraments of Initiation of the Catholic Church, which include Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. We have been focusing on how Baptism has welcomed and strengthen us for the journey of life. We have also been observing the symbols and actions of Baptism, which has provided the students with the opportunity of bringing in their own Baptismal garments and candles, along with many beautiful photos of that special day!

Year Three are also very excited to share that with thanks to all the students, we will be able to buy a goat though Project Compassion for people in need. We are now aiming to reach the next milestone of purchasing a home for the goat!

YEAR 3 LOVE - This week, 3 Love shared their Narrative Writing assembly with the school.  With Miss Barry in the steering wheel, the class presented their findings about the importance of setting when writing an engaging narrative.  We have looked back at the CBCA Nominated books to discuss how each author created an engaging text for Early Childhood readers.  3 Love decided the authors of each of the stories, especially Chip and All I want for Christmas is rain, chose the setting before choosing the characters, problems, events, resolution and conclusion.  We have been testing our theory with the books we have been reading at home and school, and have put our theory into action when writing our narratives.

YEAR 4 FAITH - A busy week ahead as many of our students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. On Thursday we travelled to the Lavalla Centre where students met with those from within our Jubilee Parish to develop a better understanding of the Sacraments and what it is that they are confirming their faith in.

In class, we said farewell to Mrs Whelan last week, as she has now gone on maternity leave. The students have enjoyed her Science lessons developing their knowledge of life-cycles through predictions and observations of plant growth. This week we welcome Mrs Frisby who will join the class weekly this year continuing the great start provided by Mrs Whelan.

Last week we revised time. Many students are still being challenged by the reading of an analogue clock. Parents wishing to assist their child, could purchase a cheap analogue watch for their child, to assist their learning. Encourage the use of reading an analogue clock at home by requiring students work out the time when they ask. Challenge your child to work out when dinner will be ready on the clock. By giving value to this skill and incorporating it into their daily life it will rapidly assist in their abilities.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHARITY YEAR 5 - In Middle School Charity we have been doing tests to get ready for end of term and NAPLAN Online. In Science we have been learning about solids, liquids, gases (States of Matter) and their observable properties. We have completed plenty of fun experiments and are now using scientific language. In Maths we have been looking at six digit numerals and elapsed time. In English we have been writing short stories and we are now moving onto persuasive texts. We are very excited to meet our Prac student teachers from the Australian Catholic University who will be spending some time with us, beginning next week.

Written by Hannah B. and Henry, MSC

MIDDLE SCHOOL LOVE – YEAR 6 - MSL have stepped back in time.  They have been learning about what life was like, at the time of Federation.  It was a time when great leadership was required, when people were either For or Against the plan to unify Australia.  MSL have been discovering who were the most influential people at that time and what did they stand for.  They have found that they can learn so much from our leaders of the past, things that they can apply to their own lives, as they travel on their leadership journey.

As our student leaders are settling into their new roles within the Leadership Ministries, they are learning what it takes to be responsible. The Religious Life of the School Ministry is busily assisting with Mass, assembly and fundraising for Caritas. They will be sharing with the school soon, their latest ideas for raising money for Project Compassion.  The Stewardship of the Environment group is extra busy on Fridays, as they assist Mrs Enter with the extra gardening activities. They are also sorting out bins, produce, scraps and plants and organising a 'Nude Food Day', which will be happening soon.  The Prep Partners Ministry busily assist with the organising of the Prep cohort, a lot of behind the scenes work, such as organising their lunchboxes, mats, sand toys, morning reading books, etc.  Every day is always busy in MSL as there is so much learning and leading to be done.