Adore for 24


Eucharistic Adoration has always been encouraged by the leaders of our Church. Notably Saint Pope John Paul 11 and Pope Francis both encouraged us to spend time in this way with our Lord. This past three years, the students of St Finbarr’s have participated in an event called ‘Adore for 24.’ This is 24 hours of Eucharistic Adoration which involves the entire school and parish community. This however is much more than just an event. Rather, it is an opportunity for the children and parishioners to experience God’s unconditional love for each of them.

The children are guided through a scripture reflection which is visual and relatable to them. This helps the children get to know the person of Jesus; who he is and the love he has for them. The children are then given a chance to respond in an age appropriate way to Jesus. This includes activities such as labyrinths, scripture mandalas, pictures and writing. Intentional prayer and song are also encompassed in these sessions.

From observing the children, it is clear to see that they are experiencing something very special. It is moments like these that life is put into perspective. We see the importance of our faith and the importance of believing in something greater. The children learn of God’s love for them and realise that God has a special plan for each and every one of them.
Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful endeavour, these many special experiences have created a ray of hope in our often sad world.