Book Week and Grandparents Day


Happy Book Week! Happy Grandparents’ Day! Happy Fashion Parade!


On Tuesday we celebrated Book Week 2017 and what a wonderful day it was for all. It truly is a day that has a very important place in school’s calendar of highlight events. 

In her welcome speech to Book Week, our teacher librarian Mrs Mel Green spoke very passionately about this year’s theme for Book Week Escape to Everywhere! 


At the heart of this theme lies the notion that to take a break from reality, all we need to do is open a book and use our imagination. As J.K. Rowling once said, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book”. 

All you need to do is find a comfortable place, open your book, and instantly you’re in a different world. You can have great adventures, escape from baddies, save people’s lives, laugh aloud, blink away tears and completely forget about what you were doing earlier. 

Through books, you can escape to all sorts of places from Hogwarts, through jungles, to the bottom of the sea and outer space. 

So what does Escape to Everywhere mean to you? What is your favourite escape? 

I wonder if it is Narnia’s wardrobe? Jack’s Beanstalk? Harry Potter’s platform wall? or Alice’s looking glass? 

Thank you to Mel for all the energy and enthusiasm she brings to learning for not only the students but for us all. 

On Thursday we welcomed many grandparents and others who are special in the lives of the children for Grandparents’ Day. The look of love and pride in the eyes of our visitors speaks volumes for the unique bond that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren. Highlights of the day included tours of the garden, the Book Fair and the classrooms. Many Grandparents commented on the lush, healthy garden and the delicious produce for sale - thank you Mr and Mrs Enter. Many books were purchased in the library – thank you Mrs Green and your team of helpers. Morning tea was delicious – thank you to the parents who sent in a plate and to the staff who served. God’s Blessings to Alice Shearer’s maternal grandparents Tom and Jeannine Treston whom we farewell today after an association with St Finbarr’s that has spanned 53 years. The morning concluded with a wonderful performance from our choir and teachers, Miss Gabi Yates and Miss Catie Bechly. 

The week concludes with the annual Fashions on Parade, another highlight in our calendar and is testimony to the extra-ordinary dedication and support of so many parents.

Dear Mrs Hall, 

Wally and I wish to thank you for such an enjoyable grandparents morning. It was a joy to see Hamish's face and to know how special this morning was for him. The caring environment created under your leadership is a tribute to you. Again, thank you and your staff for the morning and also thanks to the gentleman who kindly offered us an umbrella. 

Sincerely, Marilyn