Prep 2020 Meet and Greet Interviews

DSC05750.JPGEarlier this term, Ann Hall (Principal) had the pleasure of Meeting and Greeting prospective Prep 2020 students and their families. Given that these children had only just begun kindy, this time together did not follow the more formal enrolment interview process of previous years. Rather, it was a time to extend a welcome, offer an insight into our school and answer any questions. An did this by way of reading with the boys and girls a story with which they were familiar, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It was wonderful to see the children’s expressions and hear their responses as we turned the pages of this children’s classic and loved story which many of the parents themselves recalled reading as a child.

Early next term, she looks forward to Meeting and Greeting the siblings of current students.

After Meeting and Greeting prospective Prep 2020 students and their families, places for next year were offered so that families can plan for next year. The families with whom she spoke with, were pleased that they had school 'all sorted' for next year.   

However we do apprieciate, that for some families, March is very early to be making decisions about Prep readiness.  Our experience has been that the kindy teacher will 'flag' with parents any concerns that they have regarding a child's readiness for Prep. If you have any readiness concerns, in the first instance, please chat with your child's kindy teacher. Ann is too am happy to meet with you again towards the end of the year to discuss the best time for your child to commence their school journey.  Should you decide to delay your child’s entry, the school will happily hold their place over until the following year.​