Prep 2022 Meet and Greet Interviews

​​​PREP 2022 'MEET & GREET' INTERVIEWS ​finnies-7.jpg

With communal restrictions being gradually lifted, I am pleased to advise that Prep 2021 interviews will be commencing the week of Monday 10 May . Whether these interviews will be face-to-face or virtual is still to be confirmed. Karen from our office will be in touch in advance to advise about interview times and exact arrangements. Once again this year, these 'interviews' will be more of a Meet & Greet whereby our time together is one of welcome, offer an insight into the school and answer any questions. Last year, I used the familiar book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This provided a relaxed context in which to engage with the children. Given that some children have not been at Kindy in recent weeks, I believe that this more informal process will prove most successful once again.

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