Sport Throughout the School

​​Even a small school can do big sports!

We might not have a huge school, either in numbers or in size however our students are involved in numerous sports throughout ​hte week and year. Each class has a lesson with the fabulous Miss M. These lessons follow the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the parents are given an outline at the beginning of each term. 

The main focus for this term across the school is Athletics. Students in Prep-Year 2 will learn a variety of athletic skills and lead up activities that will help improve their basic manipulative ability and prepare them for the upcoming Athletics Carnival. The students will work independently and together in teams to improve their team and individual athletic performances in lead up activities. Key athletic events including long jump, shot put, sprints, relays and ball games will be highly scaffolded where needed but authentic teaching of the core techniques will be explicitly taught. A strong emphasis on the attributes of sportsmanship and teamwork are fostered and embedded throughout this learning. All students in the early years will continue to be involved in stations that increase their motor, locomotor movements and manipulative (over arm throw, underarm throw, bowling ) across the term.

Students will also partake in weekly gymnastics lessons on a Wednesday with Dance Fever.

On top of weekly Physical Education lessons, each term there is also a number of other activities happening: 

  • Swimming in Term 1 for Year 1 – 6 and Term 4 for Prep
  • Yoga in Term 2 
  • Gymnastics in Term 3 
  • Dance in Term 4
  • Gala Interschool Sports in Term 3 for Year 3 - 6 
  • Zone Swimming and Athletics
  • Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals