Swimming Carnival

Our school swimming carnival was a success, with each House swimming competitively and displaying positive sportsmanship. Stark House won the Wayne Hagarty Championship trophy scoring 512 points, followed by Lalor House on 478 points and Turrbal House on 462 points. We thank the parent volunteers, your help was essential to the success and enjoyment of the day. We also thank all the parents who came to cheer on their children and the students for their positive behaviour and sportsmanship.

Stark House - Red - Peter Stark was the first lay Principal of St Finbarr's School, Ashgrove. He is known and recommended for his dedication to the welfare of children, and is remembered for the way he fostered a sense of community within the school.

Lalor House - Blue - Fr Lalor was the first Parish Priest of St Finbarr's Parish, Ashgrove. he was tragically killed in a car accident. Remembered for his gentleness and kindness, Fr Lalor did much work in bringing families of the Parish together.

Turrbal House - Gold - The Turrbal people were the original inhabitants of the district. By choosing this name we give recognition to the Turrbal people as the original land-owners of this area.