Technologies Curriculum at St Finbarr's

At the end of last term we celebrated what has been happening throughout the school with the Technologies Curriculum. This curriculum consists of Design and Technology as well as Digital Technologies. Every class has been engaged in the new curriculum and the students have not only enjoyed the units of work but produced amazing projects.


Prep spoke about how they created shelters for their pets. They used the knowledge about materials that they learnt in Science to think about what materials would be needed and what pets need to have good shelters. They then took a photo of their shelter with Draw and Tell (an iPad app) and explained all the different parts of their shelter.


During Term 3 the Year 1’s loved designing and creating props and costumes for their performance of The Gruffalo. They then learnt their lines and presented this to the school community before finally evaluating their designs. Check out the video of their performance on our Facebook page.


In Year 2, the children learnt about is hardware and software, and what of these they use in their day to day life. Once they had learnt about hardware, we looked at the different parts of a computer – CPU, ROM, GPU, hard drive and RAM. This term the students are learning about algorithms and last week enjoyed being programmers, programming our computer (Mrs Lawson) how to make a vegemite sandwich. They learnt how they need to do very specific instructions if they want to program a computer as they cannot think for themselves. 


Year 3 this year have learnt about QR codes and how the same data can be represented in different ways. The children began by making an Explain Everything (iPad app) that demonstrated the rotation of the earth around the sun. They then made this into a video and exported it from the iPads and onto the computers, into the Office 365 Video Channel. The children then had to think about how they could show this to other people. We decided on creating a QR Code and putting this onto a poster using Word Online.  


In Year 4 the children have created Sways to show what they learnt about an explorer from the Age of Discovery. They learnt how to add information, photos, videos and more to their Sways, always thinking about how these could enhance their presentations. Then in Term 3 the children learnt about algorithms and how to make their own games in Scratch. They had to create a game that would teach or reinforce a maths skill to a younger student.


Within the Year 5 English Curriculum the students wrote a persuasive argument about why the school should plant a Lone Pine tree. They then had to create an interactive poster using PowerPoint, Scratch and MakeyMakeys. These posters then became interactive as the children recorded their voice and programmed the MakeyMakeys to say their arguments as the user pressed buttons on their posters.


With the Year 6 children going to Canberra this term and learning about the government in HASS, they decided to create a game using Scratch to teach others about the Australian Government. Many of the children had never used Scratch before however worked well with their partners to create some amazing games. All the games needed to be interactive, asking for the users input. The students are now teaching me how to program!


This is only a snap shot of some of the units of work that the classes have been doing within the Technologies Curriculum. All classes should be proud of what they have achieved throughout the year. This term we have had teachers from the state schools in the area come to the school to learn more about what we have been doing both within the Technologies Curriculum and with the ICT Capability. If you want to hear more about our journey you can also read an article that has been published on the Digital Technologies Hub – Professional Development Makes a Difference.