The Potato Story

image3.jpegAbout three months ago, Year 2 planted two Sebago potatoes in a styrofoam box. This box was
kept in the garden area.

Last week, Year 2 dug up the potatoes. We were so excited! We found so many potatoes of
different shapes and sizes in the box. We dug them out using a spade. We were all amazed to
find so many potatoes. After we had pulled the potatoes out of the soil, we washed our potatoes
to remove any soil.

After first break, Year 2 were invited to a very special restaurant called “Potato Platter". We sat
down at a long table and waited for our surprise to be served. The waitresses (Mrs Enter and
Mrs Frisby) served fresh, hot potatoes with butter and spring onions, fresh from the garden.

The potatoes were not only nutritious, but totally delicious! So delicious that every person at
the table asked for seconds, using their best manners of course. Even the potato skins were
eaten! We all agreed that we would definitely visit this restaurant again.

Year 2 would like to thank Mrs Enter for such a lovely, delicious meal. We love her garden and her cooking.