Memories of my Mother's time at St Finbarr's

IMG_6056.JPGLast week our Assistant Principal of Religious Education was up near the Church when a family walked past wanting to go into the Church to view a painting of St Gerard Majella as it was commissioned by their family. Please see the email below that we received from them after they came to visit the school.

After coming into the school, Liz Stenning has sent us through some of the memories and pictures on behalf of her mother, Anne Adams (née Wildman), from Anne’s time at the school.​​

Mum remembers there being just 2 teachers when she was at school - a Nun and Mrs McCarthy. Mum was at St Finbarr's from approximately 1946 (she turned 5 in October 1946) until approximately 1951.​

Mum remembers singing in the choir in the 'old church' which was burnt down and replaced by the new church now there.

 She went to St Finbarr's with her cousins the Carter kids (Joan, Paul, John and Owen) and her friends at school were Bernadette O'Reilly and Suzanne Gilbert (who has now passed away).

 Mum used to walk to school from Moola Rd.


A picture of being dressed up for a school dance - these were held in the hall above the classrooms……Mum is the older sister.



A picture of Anne's sister (Catherine's) first communion - Mum was a member of what she thinks was the Order of St Mary and their brother (Peter) was an altar boy at St Finbarr's



A picture of Mum and her younger sister in their St Finbarr's school uniform.



Also for good measure are a couple of pictures of St Finbarr's on Mum and Dad's wedding day (July 23rd 1966).


Liz Stenning and Anne Adams (née Wildman)