Yoga with Mrs Frisby


58377361_820981811603369_7273161133022773248_n.jpgYoga has seen us practicing how to be more mindful. While there are lots of ways to be mindful, we have come up with our very own Top 5. Mrs Frisby’s & St Finbarrs’ Top 5 Mindfulness Activities

1. Notice your Breath.

2. Knock on your Sense Doors.

3. Move Mindfully.

4. Eat Mindfully

5. Do Something you Love.

Once again our section called ‘Let’s Move’ has been a revision of all our shapes and poses and the learning of or inventing of some new ones. One way that we do this is through our much loved games of Yogi Says, Musical Poses and Go Stop Back to Back. Finally ‘Making a Difference’ this term has seen us focusing on Positive Self Talk about ourselves and others. It’s always a pleasure teaching yoga to the students of St Finbarrs. It would give me great joy to know that they take home what they learn in class and practice this with their families.


Jacqui Frisby​