School Staff List

20172707-1157.JPGPrincipal: Ms Ann Hall

Assistant Principal Religious Education: Mrs Kathryn Willis​

Prep Love:
Mrs Belind G​rey
Prep Faith:
Mrs Sharon Kennedy and Mrs Fiona Whelan
Year 1 Charity:
Mr Fraser Craig
Year 2 Faith:
Mrs Cathy Rule and Miss Maria Miocevic
Year 3 Charity:
Miss Niamh Healy
Year 3 Love:
Miss Catie Bechly
Year 4 Faith
Mr Matthew Ryan
Middle School Charity (Year 5):
Mrs Cathy Lawson and Mrs Kathryn Willis
Middle School Love (Year 6):
Mrs Claire McGahan

Guidance Counsellor: Ms Kim Wilson

Health and Physical Education: Miss Maria Miocevic

eLearning Teacher: Mrs Emily Olsen

Student Support Inclusive Education: Mrs Terena Kennedy

Music Program: Mrs Maryanne Thompson

Literacy: Mrs Mel Green

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Dominique Gardiner

Secretary: Ms Karen Griffin

Financial Secretary: Mrs Julia Churchman (Mon & Fri)

WHSO: Ms Thea Clifford

School Officers:
Mrs Lorraine Carroll
Ms Thea Clifford
Mrs Christine Cunningham
Mrs Kerri Jensen
Mrs Gina Nothard
Mrs Louise Brown