Assessment and Reporting

finnies-6.jpgAssessing children’s work and reporting progress to parents are among the most important features of a modern primary school. Progressive assessment of each child as an individual person is made as he/she grows and develops in all areas of his/her education. Assessment techniques include observation, focused analysis, self & peer assessment and consultation.

Evaluation of each child is made by continuous assessment carried out in the classroom as the child demonstrates the required educational outcomes. Diagnostic and standardised tests will be administered if and when the need arises. Data is gathered by observing children at work, by conferencing with pupils, and by observing attitudes. Teachers analyse work samples and critique them against standards to observe mastery of what has been taught.

Open communication concerning children’s progress is encouraged throughout the school year. Interviews with teachers may be arranged at any time through out the school by appointment to discuss the children’s work. Samples of work will be available on these occasions. We believe that true partnership can only be achieved when the communication between home and school is free flowing. Accordingly we report to parents by establishing the following:

Term 1: 

  • Parent/teacher Information night held in the first weeks of Term 1 to inform parents of class procedures, routines and curriculum. 
  • Parent/teacher Interviews

Term 2:

  • Term letters sent home at the end of the first week of Term 2, 3 and 4 to inform parents of class curriculum for that term and any special events occuring within the term.
  • Formal written report sent home the second last week of Term.
  • Parent/teacher interview - late term 2

Term 3:

  • Term letter

Term 4:

  • Term letter
  • Formal written report sent home the second last week of Term
  • Opportunity for interview if needed


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