School Uniforms

​​20172707-1446.JPGSchool uniforms are supplied by Ashgrove West Drapery
Phone: 3366 ​1659 

Open: Mon-Fri 8.30-5pm and Sat 9am-1pm.

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Second-hand uniforms​

Uniforms no longer required can be donated to the second-hand uniform shop. You an see the school secretary to purchase these from the office. ​


Uniform Extras

  • Black Shoes - Normally, we recommend that children wear black leather shoes with the dress uniform and black joggers with the sports uniform. However, bearing in mind uniform costs, parents may prefer the option to buy just one quality pair of plain black joggers.
  • Hats - Have SCHOOL HAT, Will Play!
  • Hair - Children are not permitted to have extreme hairstyles. Hair colours are not permitted. In an effort to ensure student comfort and to promote neat grooming, girls with shoulder-length hair or longer are required to have it tied up.
  • Nail Polish - Not permitted.
  • Jewellery - The selective range of jewellery that children may choose to wear is limited to: single set of students or sleeper earrings, a watch and a religious symbol on a chain worn around the neck.

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