P&F: Parents in Partnership

St. Finbarr's School Parents and Friends Association (P & F) is a strong and vibrant organisation who support the school community in many ways. The role of school P & F Associations as defined by the Qld P & F Federation is a broad one:
  • Develop a school community partnership of parents, teachers and students - Christian ethos.
  • Work in collaboration with Principal and Staff.
  • Promote the school in the wider community.
  • Assist parents with teaching and learning at home.
  • Interaction between home and school, parents and teachers.
  • Encourage parent participation in learning activities and school life.
  • Assist parents to understand curriculum development, teaching and learning programs.
  • Attention to faith education activities.
  • Create a forum for discussion.
  • Provide resources to the school.
  • Planning and organising of functions.
  • Work with School Board in pursuit of common goals - harmony.
One role the P & F play in our school community revolves around fundraising in order to provide equipment and facilities for the school community, which the school cannot afford to provide without imposing higher fees. The beauty of this is that the generously given efforts of those involved in organising these activities results in income for the school, which can then be spent on "extras".
The provision of a weekly tuckshop service for the students is another on-going P & F role. This service relies on the generosity of parents to staff the tuckshop as well as provide home baking for afternoon tea.
A major function that our P & F play within our school is that of providing hospitality and organising social functions. These include providing morning tea to our new parents on the first day of first term each year as a sign of welcoming.
Social functions organised each year include a "Welcome Back" barbe​que and disco held in the first few weeks of first term, as well as events agreed upon at P & F meetings. Through the last few years this has included a Fashion Parade, Trivia Night, Walk-a-thon and a Christmas Barbeque and Concert held in partnership with the school.
A monthly P & F meeting is held in our school library and parents are urged to come along and be part of the discussions and on-going planning.
Our school community thrives due to the commitment and dedication of our very generous and supportive parent community.