Thank you to our wonderful teachers!

Words are so incredibly powerful and I believe, gratitude is one of the most important ingredients in strengthening community.

This World Teacher's Day, I'd like to thank and acknowledge the truly exceptional teachers we are blessed to have in our community. It's evident to me that our teachers at St Finbarr's love what they do - they love our students and our community. They are innovative, creative, professional and I'm so proud to work alongside this team and have the opportunity to learn from them all.

And I'm incredibly grateful to those of you who have taken one minute out of the busyness of life to write something on the BCE virtual World Teacher's Day page or to send a message of thanks. I've been forwarding these to teachers as they come through, and the power of these words truly cannot be measured. Thanks for your kindness.

Thank you too to the P&F for the lovely surprise this morning as we gathered for breakfast. It has been a real gift to work with this passionate and generous group of parents this year in bringing our community's shared vision to life in our amazing school.

Today, we'd like to say a special thank you to three of our teachers who this year have been supporting in leadership at various times throughout the year - Claire McGahan, Julie Wolton and Matt Ryan. Additionally, Claire and Matt are currently in the process of preparing to be considered for Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) accreditation. It speaks to the depth of experience and dedication of our teachers that we have three highly capable people who have been able to support our team in this way. They have been brilliant!​

Catherine Connors