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​Our resource centre is staffed by a teacher-librarian and library-aide (both part-time). It consists of a computerised borrowing system with quality computer software programs supplied to assist students with researching and publishing. Our automated library plays a vital role in our school as so much emphasis is placed on resource-based teaching and learning. We teach our students to be skilful in accessing information through a network of computers which are linked to the internet.
Most classes have a 'set' borrowing day but borrowing may take place during most lunch hours as well. Sometimes teachers ask for a bulk loan if they are working on a theme, and children then borrow these books from the classroom. All children need a library bag for borrowing. These are available through the school office.

Each term the teachers and the Teacher/Librarian spend time co-operatively planning major units to be taught. The Teacher/Librarian provides a variety of resources from our collection for use in the classroom, and the teacher and Teacher/Librarian teach the children the skills required to access the information. For this reason it is important to have up-to-date materials available in the resource centre. A tax deductible Library Fund has been established to assist us in funding this need. Donations to this fund are welcomed and very much appreciated.

Promotion and appreciation of good literature is also a top priority of the Teacher/Librarian. Monitoring the publication, and purchase of high quality resources to match children’s interest levels and the instructional needs of the teachers is one of her most important tasks. She also teaches information skills in library lessons.

As the books borrowed from the library are expensive, any book borrowed and lost or damaged will need to be paid for so that a replacement may be obtained. This is a condition of borrowing from our library.